This is a fictional monorail line that is in Gangnam region in Seoul.
 Gangnam is a place in which many rich Koreans live.
 And also tall buildings are concentrated in here.

 ▶ Distance : 8km
 ▶ Location : Gangnam in Seoul City
 ▶ Announcement : Yes (Korean + English)
 ▶ Type : Fictional
 ▶ Compatibility : BVE2
 ▶ Date Released : 2004. 11. 15


 ① Please set the drawing distance as 600m in the BVE graphic option tool.
 ② Please check the sizes of the files after downloading.
 ③ If you have a problem with downloading the files,
  Please right click the files and "save Target as..."


 ①Click each .zip icons.
 ②Extract the files into C:\Program Files\BVE path